A stable for every case

We build stalls for small livestock animals such as rabbits, goats and sheep and also facilities for keeping game animals, for wildlife parks and zoos.

The perfect solution for every requirement!

The perfect solution for every requirement!

Species-appropriate animal husbandry and economic work in the stable is for us the basic goal of every stable planning.

Our wealth of experience in the planning and execution of cattle, pig, poultry and horse stables allows us to optimally design stables for other species, such as: goat pens, small animal houses or sheepfolds. Our wide range of ventilation systems allows for an ideal climate and ensures a sufficient supply of fresh air. In addition, as with all our buildings, economical and cost-effective construction takes top priority.

Contact our specialist consultants - we plan your barn with the most important features:

  • Animal Welfare
  • User-friendly and economical work in the stable (feeding, ...)
  • Exposure and fresh air supply
  • Economic construction

With our decades of experience we can find a perfect solution for every requirement!