WALL CONSTRUCTIONS - Storage Wall Systems

WOLF System offers different options for wall constructions:

Ventilation walls for the storage of crates

... are structures made of rough-sawn softwood and cladding with OSB wood-based panels.

Reinforced concrete walls cast in situ or prefabricated wall panels

... are to backfill appropriate exterior walls and partitions. The supporting structure of the warehouses can be placed on or behind the wall, according to the customer request.

Bulk walls with deep profile trapezoidal sheets

... are suitable for backfilling exterior walls. They offer an ideal and economical solution for the storage of grain.

Bulk fill cubicles made of pressed wood elements

... open up a range of possibilities with the box designs. The wood elements are clad with particle board on both sides and are connected with each other at the top via tie members in steel.

Sliding walls for removal of the bulk fill and as a cubicle end

... are vertically movable, multi-piece laminated wood elements that are held on guide rails, which are fastened on the sides of the frame supports or box partitions.


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Wall panels

Wall panels

Wall panels

Wall panels

WOLF System enables a rapid and optimal design of your new barn. Massive prefabricated concrete parts are erected with insulation, guarantee maximum resilience and robustness. Thermally insulated wood wall panels on a reinforced concrete base have also proven to be affordable variants. A wide range of wall coverings offers custom design options.