SLURRY TANK - economically valuable

Manure contains valuable plant nutrients, which are added to the soil. The professional collection and storage of manure is of great importance for the optimal utilisation of nutrients by our crops and to protect our environment.

Slurry tank

Slurry tank

Slurry tank

Slurry tank

The advantages of slurry storage with our reinforced concrete round tanks are convincing:

  • Due to different types of formwork available to us, we can create your slurry tank with a capacity of 10 m³ up to 10,000 m³, with or without reinforced concrete ceiling.
  • All local conditions, and construction costs will be considered in the planning
  • The use of our small or large-area formwork systems significantly facilitates the forming operations
  • Large surface formwork elements up to 6.0 m wall height are easily placed by our assembly cranes
  • Our slab formworks are inexpensive and be quickly installed

Assist yourselves - save even more!
To save even more costs in the construction of WOLF Systems round tanks, a high portion of your own assistance is possible at your request.

Accessories for slurry tanks: 

Stirring and extraction opening

stirrer and extraction opening safety grate

liquid manure gate valve

tank fencing