CONSTRUCTION DESIGN - Build on our experience

Concrete is an economic, efficient and easily available building material. A basis from which we make more with our sophisticated systems and expert skills. Our monolithic construction ensures the versatile use of the tank.

Lateral earth pressure, slopes or ground water cannot affect the design of a corresponding construction. With maximum in-house production, we guarantee optimum quality and smooth construction progress. Build on the experience of a specialist!

All building steps are performed by our highly trained WOLF Systems installation team.

Good things take time: Assembly, fast and professional
The assembly of our wall formwork and the laying of the steel reinforcement is carried out with our own construction crane. Choose between a conventional small-area or a large-area formwork for the production of the tank wall. Professional installation of the wall reinforcement is done in the shortest installation time thanks to our specially prefabricated WOLF System reinforcement mats. Various recesses and fixtures, such as pipe penetrations, shaft lining, manholes, etc., can be installed and sealed with concrete in our tanks.

If a tank ceiling is required, then this can be built with a special ceiling formwork that has been developed and manufactured by WOLF System. Depending on the tank size, the wall and the tank ceiling can be (monolithically) concreted in one work operation.

To save costs during construction, a high proportion of your own labour is possible on request!