PREFABRICATED BARNS - The clever system solution

A cost-optimised system solution in precast concrete construction, professional coordination of details and short construction times are decisive advantages!

A new trend in barn construction accompanies the growth of the farm: Prefabricated barn concepts. The prefabricated barn concept is based on the combination of a stable foundation of the framework construction (point foundations in in-situ concrete up to ground soil), with a rapid, economical and prefabricated barn substructure and solid building cladding with the tried and tested WOLF quality standard.

Short construction times through the use of prefabricated concrete parts and pre-assembled barn technology
The prefabricated barn concept of the market leaders - “DuoModul-System Cattle”. The market leaders in the industry are building on the proven success concept of the “DuoModul-System Pig” and are presenting a new ready-to-install concept especially for dairy cattle and other cattle - The "DuoModul-System Cattle"

Barn technology from Schauer Agrotronic

The barn equipment and manure removal is outfitted with proven and high-quality equipment, such as the robust and quiet Top Safe Vario safety self-containment scissors grates, the comfort loader boxes (optionally the new KomfortPlus LB) and the Vario Compact shuttle sliders. Regardless of the prefabricated barn concept, there is still the possibility to adapt flexibly to all customer requirements. Particularly interesting is the optional equipment variant with the automatic TMR feeding robot Transfeed DEC (with Silmatic Silage Projection), which allows a narrow feed table width of up to 1.9 m.  Depending on the customer's requirements, the installation variants of the stalls can range from directed installation (work-facilitating installation, such as available threaded sleeves for separating grates and stalls) up to complete assembly

  • Years of experience and top planning expertise
  • High-quality, functional and long-lasting detail expertise
  • Professional construction execution and construction supervision
  • Short construction times thanks to concrete prefabricated parts
  • Flexible design variants for the desired barn technology