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Technology is very important to WOLF System - the detailed design ultimately determines the functionality and usability of your building. Top in the team, top in technology!

Insulated sandwich panels

For insulated, heated or air-conditioned shed/barns of all kinds, we recommend a building with sandwich panels. Roof and wall panels are made with thermal panels. The thickness of the insulating core can be freely selected and adapted to the respective requirements. Lighting and ventilation areas in the roof or wall area and gates and doors are also made with the required insulation values. Such sandwich panels can be manufactured with foam, having excellent insulation value, or with rock wool as fireproof panels.

Multi-layered flat roof design

A multi-shell structure as a flat roof covering with circumferential parapet covering provides an optical alternative to the saddle roof. For walls, sandwich panels provide optimum insulating properties, a circumferential projection of these panels may simultaneously represent the parapet. Profiled supporting shell plates, which are stretched from frame structure to frame structure, serve as the substructure for the flat roof insulation foil covering of plastic or rubber material. Special requirements on sound insulation and fire protection can be carried out without problem with this roof structure, the roof drainage can be visible outside or visually appealing inside. Installation parts such as skylights, lighting ridge strips on the roof and window or portal glass panels in the wall provide appropriate lighting and ventilation options.

Wood panel construction

Wall panels, ceiling and roof elements in timber panel construction offer considerable advantages in the construction. In addition to the high insulation standard and excellent values with regard to earthquake safety, the design is impressive with its very fast installation time. Regardless of weather conditions, walls, ceilings and roofs are manufactured in modular design with the highest possible degree of prefabrication in the factory with modern production facilities and only assembled on the construction site with sophisticated connection systems. The façades can be designed with all common materials, ceiling structures are completed with wet or dry screeds on site. Instead of roof elements, nailplate truss structures also provide a good solution, on whose underside the ceiling panels can be attached.