FRAMING - Outstanding values in thermal protection

WOLF framing walls consist of a wooden frame base element with excellent thermal and earthquake properties as well as a cladding level with individual façade design. The interior design has almost no limits: From simple cladding with wood-based panels to painting and tile work as well as high-quality wall and floor coverings.

Thermal insulation/soundproofing
WOLF wooden panel walls meet the usual requirements for office buildings and apartments. With low structural thicknesses, high thermal protection requirements can be achieved without problems. Compared to modern bricks (thermal conductivity = 0.07 W / mK), you can save about 40% of the construction area (outer wall) with WOLF framing walls.

Fire Protection
Current tests confirm the safety of our framing walls: Fire safety requirements up to REI 90 can be met without problems. Even with a fully developed fire the supporting structure remains fully intact. WOLF framing walls are fire-safety tested and technically approved.

WOLF framing walls stand out with their low construction time and the omitted drying time (compared to masonry walls). WOLF framing walls can already be equipped with a layer of plaster at the factory and clad with plasterboard.

Seismic safety
WOLF System checks the performance of its framing walls at EUROCENTRE (European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering). In earthquake tests, four times the standard values were achieved. This means 1.5 times the value of the strongest previously measured quake (1995 in Kobe).