PRODUCTION FACILITIES - for streamlined workflows

Do you want a functional building for smooth work flow and ergonomic working conditions? Optimal work flows, efficiency, sophisticated architecture and legal requirements are the foundations of all our planning.

The most economical type of construction is selected, taking into account the requirements of intended use, statics, fire protection and building physics. Various claddings and façade finishes provide a unique appearance of your commercial facility.

When planning your operational facilities, seek the advice of our sales representatives. Together with you they will develop the most economical solution and consider legal requirements and your individual needs.

We have developed appropriate wall elements for optional social areas or office and administration buildings. You will benefit from our decades of experience in the field of prefabricated houses. In our in-house exhibition area you can evaluate the materials to be used “in real life".

All-inclusive Equipment

Choose from a variety of equipment for lighting, shading, ventilation and air extraction, technical fire protection equipment, as well as doors and gates for your production building.