From silo constructor to international specialists

WOLF System 1966

Founding of Wolf Systembau

Johann Wolf laid the foundation of WOLF Group by establishing Wolf Systembau GmbH on the family farm in Scharnstein, Austria. Merchandise and reinforced concrete tanks and silos for agriculture were the first products that subsequently formed an important and very successful part of our company.

Shortly afterwards there was an expansion of the product range of buildings for agriculture (machinery and feed storage facilities, barns, etc.) that increased the offering for agricultural customers.

WOLF System 1966

WOLF in Germany

First activities outside Austria with the founding of a company in Munich. From the new sales and planning office reinforced concrete tanks and silos are being built in Germany.

WOLF System 1974

WOLF in France

Another step towards internationalisation was set by the founding of the French subsidiary with production plants in Leutenheim in Alsace.

WOLF System 1975

Prefabricated houses as a new foothold

Start of prefabricated house development and production in Scharnstein.


WOLF System 1980

New location in Bavaria

The relocation of the Munich-based company to the new site takes place after the purchase of a timber construction plant in Osterhofen, Lower Bavaria, Germany.



WOLF System 1986

WOLF in Italy

Founding of WOLF System SRL in Freienfeld, Italy near the Austrian border.




WOLF System 1987

WOLF in Switzerland

Founding of System WOLF AG in Rüthi, Switzerland, also close to the Austrian border.




WOLF System 1989

WOLF in Hungary and England

Founding of WOLF System EpitoipariKft. in Kaposvar, Hungary, and WOLF Systems Ltd. in Coventry, England.




WOLF System 1990er

Years of Expansion

Further locations emerge in the Czech Republic (WOLF SYSTEM spol. s r.o.), Poland (WOLF System sp. z o.o.), Slovakia (WOLF SYSTEMBAU spol. s r.o.), France (WOLF Connexion S.a.r.l.), Berlin, Russia (WOLF System CIS), Tenerife (WOLF Canarias SLU) and Croatia (WOLF SYSTEM d.o.o.).

WOLF System 2003

Development & Expansion

Development and expansion of prefabricated house sales in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, of prefabricated house and wood construction production in Scharnstein and of production sites in Poland and Hungary.

WOLF System 2006

40th anniversary and WOLF in Lithuania

40 years WOLF System - construction of the new administration building with a "Centre of excellence" in Scharnstein.

Founding of WOLF System UAB in Siauliu, Lithuania.

WOLF System 2007

WOLF now available in Latvia

Founding of WOLF System SIA in Cesis, Latvia.

Construction of the new contractor’s studios and expansion of steel processing at WOLF System GmbH in Osterhofen, Germany. Repeated recognition of WOLF Haus with the German prefabricated house prize "Golden Cube".

Acquisition of the Austrian tank construction company Lehner Landwirtschaftsbau GmbH & Co KG.

WOLF System 2008

WOLF in Romania

Founding of WOLF System SRL in Arad, Romania.
Expansion and adaptation of the administration building at WOLF System GmbH in Osterhofen, Germany.

WOLF System 2009

WOLF in Russia

At the Detchino site, Russia, the construction of a new administration building with a production plant for steel and wood processing began.

WOLF System 2010

WOLF in Slovenia and Spain

Founding of WOLF SISTEM d.o.o near Maribor, Slovenia.
Founding of Wolf System-Construcción Técnica S.L.U in Barcelona, Spain.

WOLF System 2011

Year of investments

Opening of the new prefabricated house production at the Wolf System GmbH location in Osterhofen, Germany.
Wolf Connexion S.arl, Limay, France builts a new administration and warehouse building.
New office building at the site of Systeme Wolf AG in Rüthi, Switzerland.
Founding of Wolf System Edinolichnoye Vladenie, Belarus, as a subsidiary of Wolf System SIA, Latvia.

WOLF System 2012

WOLF in Estonia and the Ukraine

Wolf System SIA, Latvia, sets up a subsidiary (Wolf System OÜ) in Estonia.
Founding of the Wolf System TOV in Kiev, Ukraine.
Wolf System SRL, Italy opened the newly-built office building with Prototype Centre and model house at the company site in Freienfeld near Sterzing, Italy.
New construction of a central magazine at the Scharnstein site, Austria.

WOLF System 2013

the first model house in Poland

Opening of the first model house in Poland at the site of Wolf System Sp. z o.o. in Siemianowice Śl.
Expansion of steel processing at the site of Wolf System GmbH, Osterhofen, Germany.
Founding of OOO WOLF HOUSE SIBIR in Russia.

WOLF System 2014

Investments in infrastructure in many countries

Preparatory investment for production facilities in Scharnstein, wood chip heating WOLF in Scharnstein. Around 20,000 visitors at the location in Scharnstein with storage silo by Wolf Systembau.

WOLF System 2015

Renovation and new buildings

Construction of a new office building at the site of Wolf System in Hungary.
Large preparatory investments at Wolf Italy for a prefabricated house production.
Investing in trimming plants and thus in productivity at Wolf Systembau in Austria.

WOLF System 2016

50th Anniversary

Huge crowds at the festival weekend to celebrate our anniversary, 50 years WOLF in Scharnstein. Around 20,000 visitors at the location in Scharnstein.
Complete renovation of the production line for prefabricated houses and thus the most modern production in Austria at Wolf in Scharnstein.
Additional production facility at Wolf System in Germany for the production of wood panel walls in industrial and commercial construction.
New production facility for prefabricated houses at Wolf Italy.

WOLF System 2017

New prefabricated house productions

Expansion of prefabricated house production at Wolf Systembau in Austria with roof element production, trimming facilities and visitors' platform.
Commissioning of the fifth prefabricated house production facility of the WOLF company in Italy.

WOLF System 2018

50th anniversary WOLF Germany

WOLF Germany is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a three-day festival and many attractions at its location in Osterhofen. Laying of the foundation stone for expansion options through large-scale land purchase in Osterhofen.

At the Scharnstein site, the energy-related infrastructure is being completely renovated and 2 new model houses are being opened in the model house parks.

WOLF System 2019

New central building in Scharnstein

New construction of a central building at the Scharnstein site. This houses a charging station for electric forklift batteries, attractive office space and a canteen for employees.

Preparatory measures in Osterhofen for the automation and expansion of steel construction production.