POTATO AND ONION STORAGE - optimally designed

Benefit from our many years of experience in the realization of your potato or onion storage.

A cantilevered frame construction made of steel, steel laminated beams or concrete laminated beams is the ideal way of storing potatoes. WOLF System potato storage facilities are designed with sandwich or two-shell roof construction with an insulated ceiling.

Together with us, you will find the optimum design for your facility!



The basic prerequisites for optimum potato storage are good thermal insulation in the roof and wall, no illuminated areas, consistently low storage temperatures, as well as a tight sand dry warehouse. Furthermore, appropriate technical equipment for drying and cooling is required so that there is no degradation in quality. Both the wall design and the type of construction depend on the type of storage: Crate or loose storage.


The requirements of the onion storage facility are similar to the potato - no daylight, building covering is insulated, insulated angle support walls, closed and tight. Also, for optimum storage ventilation through under-floor ducts as well as an appropriate technology is necessary to ensure uniformly low temperatures in the facility. Separating systems, with wooden plank walls, round off our complete offer concerning bulk fill storage facility for onions.