Technology & Service – Agricultural construction

Top in the team, top in technology! WOLF System stands for constant further development - after all, individual customer requirements require individual solutions. The close contact between our employees and customers means that new ideas are constantly emerging.

Uninsulated panels

The reinforced concrete element in in-situ concrete or as a prefabricated component, which can be freely selected according to the customer's requirements, serves as a collision guard or also as a filler wall for bulk fill storage facilities. As an economical support structure, the frame can be placed on this angle support wall. Roof purlins and wall rails, for example in wood, form the load-bearing construction for roof and wall cladding. As roofing material, the corrugated fibre cement board makes a good alternative to steel roofing, and is an advantage due to its fibre-optic plates, which can be easily arranged, and its low condensation formation. An ecological wall panelling in wood or weather-resistant trapezoidal sheet, round out the entire package for shelters and bulk fill storage facilities.

Insulated sandwich panels

Sandwich construction is recommended for thermally insulated, frost-free maintained or air-conditioned warehouses or workshops. Roof and wall panels are made with thermal panels. The thickness of the insulating core can be freely selected and adapted to the respective requirements. Lighting and ventilation areas in the roof or wall area and gates and doors are also made with the required insulation values. Such sandwich panels can be manufactured with foam, having excellent insulation value, or with rock wool as fireproof panels.

Wood panelling and cold roof

Wood is a CO2-neutral, ecological and renewable material that, especially in the agricultural sector, serves as a common building material for wall coverings. Versatile designs such cover joint, clapboard, tongue and groove, board and batten cladding and others from diverse types of wood are possible and show the diversity of this material. Sliding door constructions, swing gates and single-winged doors can either be made in the same design as the wall panelling, or in other materials such as trapezoidal sheet. The so-called cold roof meets the high visual and technical demands in roof construction, a roof boarding with water-draining level as a substructure for roof tiles construction.

Wood elements with truss structure

Nailplate truss construction design presents a simple and economic construction in the agricultural sector. As wall construction it offers a high degree of factory prefabrication, with nailplate pressed wooden elements, which are set on strip foundations. Finished wall elements with the desired exterior cladding and optional interior trim for insulated walls are delivered to the construction site and installed in a very short time. All variants are possible as roofing, with or without a cold roof. An interior ceiling of various materials, with or without insulation, can be made at the bottom chord of the truss structure.

Software for planning and processing and our production facilities are constantly being improved and updated with the latest technologies. Our technicians distinguish themselves by their extensive familiarity with each particular building material. The high degree of prefabrication in the factory ensures extremely short installation times and thus high efficiency.

Technology is just very important to WOLF System - the executed detail ultimately determines the functionality and usability of your building!