Concrete-free Foundations

Concrete foundation technology - economical and safe! Spin anchor (spider) as an innovative system that enables fixing of structures without the use of concrete.

Spinnanker - Concrete-free Foundations - WOLF Systembau


Assembly - Concrete-free Foundations - WOLF Systembau


Concrete-free Foundations - WOLF Systembau

Concrete-free Foundations

Concrete-free Foundations - WOLF Systembau - WOLF Systembau

Concrete-free Foundations

Circular, corrosion-resistant plates are anchored with threaded rods in the ground and guarantee fast installation. Particularly efficient and economical in difficult ground conditions, or when excavation work or asphalt cutting should be avoided. Dismantling of the facility is possible without great effort! After use, the area remains undamaged and free of old residues, all components can be used several times. After many years of examination by various universities in research projects (e.g. University of Darmstadt or Graz University of Technology), the certified systems are now primarily used for temporary industrial buildings.