RENEWABLE ENERGY - environmentally friendly and economical

WOLF System offers a complete programme for the production of renewable energy - sheds for photovoltaic systems, biogas, dry fermentation, energy storage, biomass and recycling facilities.

Agricultural buildings with solar power systems:
We bring the use of the barn and its function as a carrier for a photovoltaic system into perfect harmony.

Reinforced concrete round tank for biogas plants:
Energy can be directly obtained from renewable raw materials and the recycling of manure is efficiently possible - WOLF System is your reliable partner in tank construction.

Barns and reinforced concrete tanks for biogas dry fermentation plants:
We supply you with the complete programme - rectangle fermenter and the necessary factory buildings for biogas production for industry, municipalities and agriculture.

Storing and production of biomass:
A raw material that is available around the clock and can be used flexibly - we can supply you with suitable barns or tanks, which are adapted to the relevant requirements.