LOGISTICS AND WAREHOUSES - functional and economical

Functional shed construction requires support-free load-bearing systems, selection of well-streamlined material, optimum storage climate and maximum use of space. With our flexible systems, our steel sheds are matched exactly to the requirements of the building.

Concrete, wood, steel - The choice is yours

Free choice of material allows the most economical construction method to be selected, taking into account the requirements on the stored goods, legal requirements and/or regulatory requirements. There are no limits on even your own design ideas.

Free-standing frame systems have the advantage of storage up to the lower roof edge and offer flexible use of the entire floor area. Sophisticated support system solutions ensure any desired future expansion of your warehouse and logistics building. Depending on the intended use, we construct your building in an uninsulated, partially insulated or insulated version. Proper storage conditions are created with an enormous variety of ventilation systems as well as lighting options.