TRAGSYSTEME – The right solution for every need

Perfectly matched material combinations of steel, wood and concrete are crucial to the cost effectiveness of your shed construction.

Konstruktionssysteme - Stahl - WOLF System


Steel support structures always impress with their slenderness at high spans and create an elegant overall appearance. In our modern, efficient facilities around 30,000 tons of steel per year (equivalent to approximately 1,500 truckloads) are processed. The steel frame structures are routinely hot dip galvanised or delivered with your choice of coating in a most diverse variety of colours. We create steel frames as saddle or pent roof frames, supported or unsupported, with a choice of canopies and overhangs and, on request, with brackets for crane systems. A separate, fully-automated production at our plant in Osterhofen, Germany allows a high degree of production accuracy!

Konstruktionssysteme - Stahl und Leimholz - WOLF System

Steel - laminated wood

Time is money. WOLF System will save you both! The high degree of prefabrication ensures short installation times and gives you a tremendous economy of time / this can be a tremendous time saver for you! As an ecological, renewable raw material, wood, in combination with steel, creates architecturally appealing designs and quickest assembly thanks to standardised connections. The steel knots are already fastened to the wooden beams using state-of-the-art binding systems on the factory side. They are then only bolted to the steel poles on-site.

Konstruktionssysteme - Stahlbeton und Leimholz - WOLF System

Reinforced Concrete - laminated wood

Reinforced concrete supports with laminated wood beams are used for architecturally demanding, but also for functional and economical solutions. Not only is their robustness impressive, but also their fire resistance. Already at the factory, steel concrete supports and laminated wood bars or arches are provided with the correct recesses and holes to ensure short assembly times on site. The connection of solid concrete supports with the laminated wood supports is especially practical in case of high fire protection requirements. The visual elegance of the laminated wood designs, whether in the form of arches or tie member trusses are very impressive.

Konstruktionssysteme - Leimholz und Leimholz - WOLF System

Laminated wood - laminated wood

The high proportion of wood makes this load-bearing construction ideal for exhibition sheds, carpentry shops or retail outlets: WOLF System processes high quality laminated wood, optionally for use in visible areas or for industrial use. Often required fire-retardant constructions can be created with the laminated wood frames. The laminated wood beams and shafts are provided with the necessary steel lugs and connections at the factory. On the construction site only the steel nodes have to be screwed together. This guarantees a fast and easy installation on site!

Konstruktionssysteme - Nagelplattenbinder - WOLF System

Nailplate Trusses

Nailplate trusses are used wherever light and economical constructions are required, often in agricultural buildings for machinery storage facilities, feed storage sheds or storage shed. Free shed widths of up to 30 m are possible. This nailplate construction offers a multitude of design variants, such as half-timbered wall elements, saddle roof, elevated scissors, parallel or roof-top trusses. WOLF produces approx. 4500 t of nailplates annually. Material application and costs can be optimised through a large selection of types of nailplates.  The design options are virtually limitless!

Our employees are very familiar with the particular properties and advantages of wood, steel and concrete. Through the use of all three basic building materials, WOLF can make the most economical choice of support system for each requirement while simultaneously meeting individual requests. Local conditions, the size of the building, the type of use and visual requirements are incorporated in the selection. This is how economical buildings with maximum functionality are developed.