GRAIN AND BULK FILL FACILITIES - adapted to your stored goods

WOLF System optimally adapts your grain or bulk fill storage facility to the requirements of the stored goods.

Grain and bulk fill facilities

Grain and bulk fill facilities

Grain and bulk fill facilities

Grain and bulk fill facilities

A cantilevered frame construction in steel, steel laminated beams or concrete laminated beams is the ideal design for the storage of grain. With a support-free design, the barn remains flexible and can be reused at any time. Depending on the fluctuation of the price or stock of storage goods, it can also be used for other purposes, for example, as a feed or machinery storage facility.

Do you want to use the facility walls for storage? Depending on the type of storage, the outer or intermediate walls are designed to be moveable.

We have the most economical solution from planning to completion!



Hygienic storage of grain can be ensured with smooth walls made of reinforced concrete or steel sheet as this avoids the formation of gaps, where it is possible for vermin to enter and nest.

Fruit and Vegetables

Controlled atmosphere and optimal oxygen conditions are a prerequisite for long-lasting fruit quality. Separately installed cooling cells ensure economical storage for fruit and vegetables with particularly high demands on storage temperature and humidity.

Salt & Fertilisers

For this special storage material, there are increased requirements imposed due to chemical and mechanical stress on the structure, roof, wall, gates and floor. The necessary measures are, for example, increased corrosion protection on steel frame structures, concrete protective walls or in chipboard or swell-resistant wood-based panels, production of all fastening parts and nailplates made of stainless steel, roof drainage as required in plastic or stainless steel as well as floor plates design in reinforced concrete with optional cast asphalt for increased durability

Wood chips, Biomass & Compost

The storage of biomass requires the use of outer and inner partition walls, so that the walls can safely withstand the bulk pressure. The outer walls are in the form of an angle support wall, insulated or uninsulated, as required. The steel frame structure is placed on the wall so that the bulk fill can be moved unhindered with a forklift, front loader, excavator, etc.