WALL CONSTRUCTIONS – Wall systems warehouse

WOLF System offers different options for wall constructions:

Wandsysteme Lager - Belüftungswände - WOLF System

Ventilation walls for crate storage

... are constructions made of rough sawn softwood and cladding with OSB wood-based panels.

Wandsysteme Lager - Stahlbetonwände - WOLF System

Reinforced concrete walls in in-situ concrete or precast wall panels

... are suitable external and partition walls for filling. The supporting structure of the warehouse can be placed on or behind the wall, depending on the customer's requirements.

Wandsysteme Lager - Schuttwände - WOLF System

Bulk walls with high-corrugated trapezoidal sheets

... are suitable external walls for filling. They are the ideal, economical solution for storing grain.

Wandsysteme Lager - Schüttgutboxen - WOLF System

Bulk boxes made of pressed wooden elements

... allow numerous possibilities for the box design. The wooden elements are planked with chipboard on both sides and are connected to one another at the top with steel ties.

Wandsysteme Lager - Schiebewände - WOLF System

Sliding walls for removing bulk goods and as a box closure

... are vertically movable, multi-part glued laminated timber elements that are held in guide rails attached to the side of the frame supports or box partitions.


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Wall elements - WOLF System

Wall elements

Wall elements - WOLF System

Wall elements

Wall elements - WOLF System

Wall elements

Wall elements - WOLF System

Wall elements

WOLF System enables your new stable to be built quickly and optimally. Solid precast concrete elements are built with insulation, guaranteeing maximum resistance and robustness. Thermally insulated wooden wall elements on a reinforced concrete base have also proven themselves as a cost-effective variant. A wide range of wall coverings offers you individual design options.